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This is currently a rough draft to help me get my ideas for the deck in order. Please note that the list is subject to change.

The basic idea is to drop Commando as soon as possible and then cast the damage dealing instants and sorceries to trigger his ability. The burn spells themselves aren't meant to inflict large quantities of damage but instead are meant to be mana efficient enablers. The primary win condition, at the moment, is overrunning the opponent with a large army of Soldier tokens in conjunction with enchantments such as Raid Bombardment, Impact Tremors, and Orcish Oriflamme. Ah, if only Skullclamp was common. It'd allow me to mitigate Boros's abysmal card draw potential, but whatever.

Any suggestions as to how to make the deck better and more efficient will be taken into consideration.


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Swapped Pyre Hound and Kiln Fiend out for Firebrand Archer and Thermo-Alchemist. I decided to go with the passive burners instead of the combat oriented ones because when Hound and Fiend get blocked, it essentially negates the payoff for all the spells I sling. With the passive burners, I can sling all the spells I want without risking them in combat.

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