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**Introduction and deck history

** -This deck was the first deck I built after properly learning Commander/EDH. I love Dragons, and Reanimator strategies and so, Bladewing's Badasses was born!

I am in the process of pimping out this deck, it's really turned into a labour of love.

**This deck might be for you if...

** -You like ETB effects -You like reanimator and using your graveyard as a resource -You like tribal builds -You like lots of big flying creatures -You enjoy explosive turns -You don't mind a target on your back

**This deck might not be for you if...

** -You like using lots of instant speed effects -You want lots of little weenies -You dislike drawing hate

**Why play Bladewing?

** Dragon tribal! Reanimator! What's not to like?

**Win conditions

** 1. ETB triggers Most of the creatures in this deck have some form of ETB effect, and using and abusing these situationally, will obliterate opponents. Having said that, there are some value pieces to the puzzle that make the deck tick.

Dragon Tempest - Gives our flying creatures haste, and direct damage to a creature or player whenever a dragon ETBs!

Scourge of Valkas - Dragon Tempest (without haste enabler) on a stick!

Warstorm Surge - Plenty of big bodies hitting the field means that

Strategy -Opening Hand -Early Game -Mid Game -Late Game Strengths Weaknesses Combos/Synergies


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