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I'm trying to make a fun discard deck to annoy the hell out of my friends. We play casual vintage, and usually a lot of 3-4 way or star mulitplayer, but also a good deal of 1-on-1, so ideally this deck will be good at both. The main strategy is forcing my oponents to discard, keeping their hand sizes low so that they take damage from The Rack and similar cards, while also dealing damage to them with aggressive creatures. I play tested an earlier version of this deck a few times and found that it did really well early game, but did very poorly in mid and late game. Since then I have added some higher cost cards like Sire Of Insanity, but have yet to had a chance top play it since then. I'm looking for feedback on how to make this a more effective deck, especially in longer games, while keeping the discard strategy and flavour. I don't plan on spending much money on this deck, and would prefer using cards that I can trade for or get in booster packs.


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