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This is more than a deck. It is a ritual.

My friend group is having a casual tournament. The rules are:

  • Deck must be under 60 buckaroos. Can tack on a sideboard for a max budget of 70 buckaroos.
  • Deck must consist of one to two creature types max. We had it just be one creature type but a splash for a different tribe allows for more interesting decks. We are going for maximum flavor here. The additional creature type should be somewhat related to the first.
  • My personal stipulation: avoid the more common tribes (goblins, merfolk, etc...). This is not a big deal as most of the popular tribal decks are a pretty penny anyway. I just wanted to build something unique to fit our theme.
  • Cards must be modern legal. We might adjust this to a different restriction as there are some inexpensive legacy/vintage cards that could make our lists even spicier.
A white weenie shell is backed up by a summoning. The only way to convoke the dark one is through sacrificing goats from their keeper: Springjack Shepherd (Or if matters call for it, our own townsfolk...)
  • Ballynock Trapper: The ranger to keep the ritual safe. She can help tap down our opponent's creatures. Might remove her because 4 mana is a lot for what she does. Two seems like the right number here.
  • Brigid, Hero of Kinsbaile: The captain to protect the townsfolk. Pretty sweet leggo to pseudo board-wipe our opponent. Keeps our goats safe
  • Goldmeadow Stalwart: The impressionable youth. A strong/cheap one drop. Can't say much more here.
  • Kithkin Harbinger: The loving mother. A tutor with a fat booty. Another one where I might remove based on how it preforms.
  • Knight of Meadowgrain: The goat warrior princess. Definition of a white weenie. Plus is riding a sweet goat.
  • Mosquito Guard: The loyal alter boy. Another one drop to start the gathering on t1. Will rarely use the reinforce ability.
  • Order of Whiteclay: The cult leader. The art on this card is amazing. Revives most of our townsfolk for the cause.
  • Springjack Shepherd: The second in command-The keeper of the goats. With all of the devotion, he pumps out the goats for the big night.
  • Thoughtweft Trio: The hammer. This guy brings the heat. Could probably go up on the quantity on this guy.
  • Wizened Cenn:The powerful matriarch. The kithkin lord. Also has amazing art.
Burrenton Forge-Tender against red board wipes. More interaction with Oblivion Ring and Pacifism. Gives us more devotion for Springjack Shepherd. Will probably need to edit the sideboard for the meta.

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