"BLACK PANTHER: Killmonger Was Right!" is a competitive theme deck commanded by Lord Windgrace.

Designed for multiplayer games, the deck disrupts opponents via mass land removal and mana denial, using its commander to break parity. Thematically, the deck's land destruction is a reflection of Killmonger's scorched earth approach to international affairs. With the exception of N'Jadaka and Ulysses Klaue, the film's characters are depicted by legendary cats.

Besides mana denial, the deck also has a significant amount of nonbasic land hate (e.g. Blood Moon, Destructive Flow), so it runs 21 basic lands, an unusually high number for a three-color deck. Aside from fetches, the nonbasics that are included are focused on bouncing lands to hand to discard for value later.

The deck uses lands to win, discarding them to kill off the table with Seismic Assault and Molten Vortex. Before the deck's final turn, global life loss is used (e.g. Fraying Omnipotence) to bring opponents within kill range. In addition to setting opponents back, Storm Cauldron is used to bounce lands to discard for damage. Oath of Druids dumps the majority of the deck into the graveyard to enable Creeping Renaissance for lands. As an alternative to Renaissance, Doubling Season speeds The Mending of Dominaria's last chapter up by one turn so that the lands can be bounced with Cauldron.


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