This deck revolves around the interaction of Torpor Orb, Sundial of the Infinite and creatures one would normally be nuts to want to play like: Eater of Days , Phyrexian Dreadnought, and Hunted Horror.

Creature removal is through a combination of Innocent Blood, Diabolic Edict, and Doom Blade

I decided to take advantage of Sundial of the Infinite by splashing red for Hecatomb .

Finally, I figured that I should have some way to pull the creatures back out of the graveyard. For that, I put in 2 Unearth . I think I might need to find a way to up the count on this though.

Not of This World is there to protect the big monsters.

Sundial of the Infinite has a nice bonus of shutting down any fast effects my opponent tries to play on my turn.

Sideboard:3x Leyline of the Void ; because graveyard hate will never go out of style in Legacy.

Pithing Needle to help take care of any pesky activated abilities.

Animate Dead is useful to bring my guys back, or anything interesting that my removal takes out.

Blue Elemental Blast is pretty self explanatory. Though with the recent banning of Treasure Cruise I'm not sure how much U/R Delver I'll be seeing.


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So I've brought the deck out once so far for an actual Legacy tournament at my local LGS. Overall it did pretty well, considering that I'm in a very competitive environment with lots of players springing big bucks for their decks (lots of dual lands, net decks, etc).

Match 1 (Win) vs. Esper Deathblade:

Game 1 (Win) I was really nervous about this deck as I've seen it drop the Batterskull on turn 3. My opening hand had a Dark Ritual, Torpor Orb, and Phyrexian Dreadnought. :) Well, the look on his face when I dropped a 12/12 trampler on the 1st turn was priceless. 2nd turn I trampled over a Mother of Runes, and again on the 3rd.

Game 2 (Win) I wasn't as insanely lucky with my opening hand the second game, but I was able to Innocent Blood his Mother on the 1st turn, and then fire off a Diabolic Edict to get his Stoneforge Mystic on the second. By the 4th turn I had a Hunted Horror in play along with a Torpor Orb. I followed up with an Eater of Days, which went over the top for the win.


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