Every form of payment has some risk associated with it.

To quote ShaperSavant:

" Razaketh, the Foulblooded represents an enormous boon to reanimator strategies, offering the potential to win the game immediately upon his reanimation."

Razaketh's power is multifaceted:

  • He requires a very minimal boardstate to win: K'rrik and 1 other creature.
  • He has game-winning potential from the early turns.
  • He scales in resiliency to disruption as you accrue resources throughout the game.
  • He can use Gravecrawler along with a Zombie ( Dregscape or Carrion Feeder ) to offer mass tutoring only capped by life total.

We aim to prey on a world full of hunters.

This deck is the brainchild of the K'rrik Discord, with a lot of reanimation inspiration from Jrax's list and Shifter07's list, and Stax ingenuity from Mjordan887.

The deck sits in the "proactive combo" speed range. It has early lines if you power out K'rrik and hone in on them, but it is largely okay with preying on the shortcomings of other decks and players at the table, capitalizing on misplays and waiting out the countermagic wars. Versus popular Tymna + X choices, K'rrik stand to be a fantastic attacker and blocker, due to how large he can become at a relatively low cost. This allows us to use value spells as combat tricks, while furthering our gameplan. Realistically, the deck will aim to win between turns 3-5 in most pods, but it is happy to go later if it can preserve its life total.

Reanimating Razaketh with K'rrik and 1 other creature is our victory condition. The secondary target for Reanimate is ideally Vilis, as we can draw as far as we need to get to a win. The tertiary win, requiring a single card slot is Doomsday .

Synergy with K'rrik himself unites the combo lines, making things largely mana-less, and maximizing the resource that is our life total. We need not worry about producing infinite mana, and can largely focus on generic mana in costs for this reason.

Being in Black is a slight advantage in one aspect: tutors. We have access to arguably the most useful search options in EDH, allowing us to easily find and play Razaketh. Final Parting serves as a 1-card-tutor to win by sending Razaketh to the yard and Reanimate to our hand.

Once Razaketh has entered the battlefield, the first step to assembling victory will often be ensuring there are enough creatures to sacrifice to advance to either a direct victory or an unbounded tutor loop.

Gravecrawler is the key tool in this pursuit. Effectively becoming a target to infinitely reanimate with K'rrik on the board, so long as your first tutor is for your Zombie/sacrifice outlet: Carrion Feeder .


Board: K'rrik, 1 other creature

  1. Cast/Reanimate Razaketh
  2. Sacrifice the other creature to tutor and cast Gravecrawler
  3. Sacrifice Gravecrawler to tutor and cast Carrion Feeder
  4. Cast Gravecrawler from your graveyard, and tutor again for Aetherflux Reservoir
  5. Cast Gravecrawler from grave, gain X life (X = the number of spells you have cast this turn)
  6. Sacrifice Gravecrawler to Carrion Feeder
  7. Repeat the last two steps until you have an arbitrarily large amount of life, and laser beam the table

Assembling this pile can be made easier with Buried Alive in some cases, finding Razaketh, Gravecrawler, and Dregscape Zombie . Dregscape can be unearthed for a rather cheap sacrifice target for Razaketh, making for a low-resource, potentially even mana-less win.

In order to do this mana-less, you can opt to tutor out Blood Celebrant and utilize it to cast Aetherflux. You can also tutor up Culling the Weak to hit Gravecrawler, then recast him with life, and net the mana to cast it this way. Otherwise, ensure you have available before you start this line.

Gravecrawler is again abused here as a way to obtain our pieces. Often times this line, using Leshrac's Sigil , is a worse option than Carrion/Crawler, it is still viable, and can be used if Carrion Feeder becomes exiled. We'll go ahead and assume that Carrion Feeder is inaccessible for this tutor-chain.

Leshrac's Fishbowl

Board: K'rrik, 1 other creature

  1. Cast/Reanimate Razaketh
  2. Sacrifice the other creature to tutor and cast Gravecrawler
  3. Sacrifice Gravecrawler to tutor and cast Dregscape Zombie
  4. Sacrifice Gravecrawler to tutor for Aetherflux OR Sigil
  5. Cast and sacrifice Gravecrawler to find the other half of the combo
  6. Cast and sac Crawler for Culling the Weak
  7. Use Culling on Dregscape to cast Aetherflux
  8. Cast Sigil, gain X life, bounce Sigil
  9. Repeat the last step until you have an arbitrarily large amount of life, and laser beam the table

Assembling this pile can be made easier with Buried Alive in most cases, finding Razaketh, Gravecrawler, and Dregscape Zombie. This allows for two creatures to be brought back from the graveyard as easy sac-fodder to Razaketh, making for a slim and linear path to victory.

Doomsday was a very easy include for the list, as the piles built themselves with already obvious includes for the deck. In Mono-Black, cracking the pile in the most difficult thing to do; and for this, we use pieces like Bolas's Citadel , Sign in Blood , and our many cycling cards and permanents that draw cards. The piles listed below are organized from lowest to highest in terms of the necessary starting life total required.

NOTE: For all the piles, you need to generate your first draw to crack the pile. In turn, you must budget 2 life POST-DOOMSDAY (meaning 4 life prior to it) for a cantrip, or use a card like Sensei's Divining Top or Scroll Rack to get things started at the cost of 0 life.

The piles below are mirrors of the win-conditions mentioned in panels above. Here is how they work with Doomsday :


Lowest Life/Board Requirements: 28 life, K'rrik out,

  1. Cast Doomsday - 22 life
  2. Doomsday resolves - 11 life
  3. Use to cast Citadel - 5 life
  4. Cast Zuran Orb - 5 life
  5. Cast Aetherflux - 1 life
  6. Cast 0-drop - 8 life
  7. Cast Leshrac's Sigil - 11 life
  8. Executing the Loop: Return Sigil to hand (lose 4, go to 7), cast Sigil (lose 4, gain 7, go to 13). Repeat for infinite life and kill the table with Aetherflux.

Zuran Orb can also be used to gain more life to protect yourself by sacrificing lands. Your 0-drop can also be Mox Opal to save 2 life by making .


Lowest Life/Board Requirements: 30 life, K'rrik out,

  1. Cast Doomsday - 24 life
  2. Doomsday resolves - 12 life
  3. Use to cast Citadel - 6 life
  4. Cast Aetherflux Reservoir - 2 life
  5. Cast Carrion Feeder - 4 life
  6. Cast Gravecrawler - 13 life
  7. Executing the Loop: Sac Crawler to Feeder, play Feeder from grave for 2 life, net positive life off Aetherflux. Repeat for infinite life and kill the table with Aetherflux.

Vilis, Broker of Blood - This dude is one of my favorite cards in the 99. He is quintesential on turns you have pieces and want to dig for the other combo parts, or simply need to find answer. He is the Yawgmoth's Bargain cEDH needed, and K'rrik is his trusty tag-team partner in this ladder match up the tier list and out of fringe-playability. We salute you.

Blood Celebrant - Life = Mana. Pain = Profit.

Ratchet Bomb - Thanks again, Mjordan887! This has been a powerhouse versus a lot of the non-creature permanent problems that Mono-Black must deal with.

Imp's Mischief - See Counterspell . That is all.

Defense Grid , Contamination , and Hope of Ghirapur - These three fill essentially the same slot, and that is: keep us safe during combo turns. Hope less so than the others, but it can stop a problematic player in their tracks if need be. Also, two people is much easier to deal with than three.

Final Parting - Usually gets Reanimate to hand, and Vilis or Razaketh to grave for a quick set-up.

Zuran Orb - This is not just a 0-drop for Aetherflux plays! This is just like Rain of Filth for us! Rather than sacrificing lands for Black mana (which in turn saves life), this saves us life directly, meaning more !

Gray Merchant of Asphodel - AKA Gary, this masked maniac is a great source of life gain/drain in a heavy devotion deck like ours. Looping him any more than 2-3 times from grave with Reanimate/ Animate Dead effects is sure to swing things in our favor, and can possibly even kill someone.

TIP - Please don't be afraid to use Black mana for things! Saving life wherever we can is important, and keeps us in the mid-late game for the best combo turns.

With no further ado, here are some of the worst best cards that fell just short of the cut line, and some honorable mentions that didn’t even make it to paper testing.

  • Massacre - This card was always a hard no for the Primer, as it didn’t fit well as a blind meta card. However, it has been listed in the sideboard due to it being an excellent meta-dependent choice.
  • Chainer, Dementia Master - Throughout much of testing this felt like a dead draw if you didn’t have the pieces necessary for him. Unlike Razaketh or Vilis, he didn’t provide immediate value in many situations due to the lack of creatures in the deck, and there was typically low value we could accrue off reanimating from an opponent’s graveyard. Additionally, the loop requires more moving pieces than any line currently in the deck, making it the most volatile and life intensive (outside of Doomsday). For these reasons, he was chopped.
  • Crystal Vein - Although Crystal Vein could provide when we needed it, it largely fell flat with it’s inability to produce .
  • Mana Web - This was our worst piece of Stax, and simply had to go. Defense Grid and Contamination can do the job, and better.
  • Lion's Eye Diamond - RIP to all-in-Doomsday. LED did not feel as good as it should have, but that’s the price you pay in Mono-Black. It enabled a DD line versus Consultation decks via Praetor’s Grasp, but wasn’t useful for much else.
  • Yawgmoth's Will - A tough cut on an accidentally flavorful card. Unlike other decks, we did not have the means to break our tutor chains and ritual plays enough to get to a win. This is due in part to our lack of top deck manipulation/card draw. YW, you will be missed.
  • Nighthaze , Aphotic Wisps , Street Wraith , etc. - These largely dead cantrips were cut due to the list moving off of DD as the main win. They also provided little outside of the combo turns aside from cantripping.
  • Bazaar of Baghdad - Aside from the problem that many may have had with it’s price tag, Bazaar just felt bad. It was a worse cantrip for us, and we need our land drops to be mana producing ones or we will fall short.
  • Grim Tutor - Life is precious, and so is the ability to spend it in place of Black mana. These were the key reasons that this life-intensive sorcery speed tutor was ultimately cut.
  • Ashnod's Altar , Phyrexian Altar - We do not need sacrifice outlets outside the combo turn, much less ones we actually have to pay for. I don’t care that Gravecrawler can be sacrificed to Phyrexian to pay for it’s recasting from grave. You still need a Zombie on board, and Aetherflux to win. At that point, cut the chaff and use Carrion Feeder instead. As for Ashnod’s, we need the same board conditions as Phyrexian to even abuse this, and even then we are limited by our life total because we can’t even break even on casting.
  • EXTORT - This mechanic has been the bane of K’rrik’s existence since he was first spoiled. It does not work as well as so many people want it to. Assuming you have 3 opponents to drain, 2 instances of Extort will recoup the life lost for each (that we pay life for) in a spell’s cost. That is not even accounting for the production of colorless mana. To abuse that in K’rrik, you need Blood Celebrant to churn out mana for life. This means you need 3 times the Extort life per life spent on . This means that you need a lot of moving pieces to even get this started. From there, what happens when you need 3 opponents to be alive to keep abusing the Extort but 1 of them dies because they had the lowest life total when you started the loop? Oh, that’s right. The loop stops. Then you need to try to win another way if you haven’t gotten your other opponents low enough to kill them before you kill yourself by continue the loop in a life-negative situation. All in all, this interaction is not cEDH material, and should stay in 75% and below lists (if they really want it that badly).
  • STORM - Despite what a number of people have tried to do, K’rrik is not an effective Storm commander. Mono-Black already has it’s challenges, and K’rrik can help us cut down on casting costs (making this easier on us); but there is no reason to run him over Sidisi, Undead Vizier for a Storm deck. Our list doesn’t use Ad Nauseam because winning at instant speed is tough for us. Sidisi at least has the benefit of using her Exploit trigger to kill herself and dig out AN to combo off. We don’t have that luxury with K’rrik, nor does he make things any easier, as most of the permanents that Sidisi drops to get her life total so high off of Aetherflux are low cost artifacts. K’rrik does not pay for colorless/generic mana, and therefore gives us no advantage over Sidisi. Our best bet would be to run a ton of 0-drop cards, and 1-drop Black cards, and hope that we don’t die or aren’t countered in the process of trying to storm off. If you are really still dead-set on building Mono-Black Storm, please check out this list: Sidisi's Reign Of Filth.

Conclusion & Thanks

I hope you enjoyed the Primer. K'rrik is an incredibly powerful commander that helps us break parity on/play through Stax pieces, cheat costs for combos and utility spells, as well as advance our game position as a predatory deck.

Thanks to several talents pilots and brewers that helped this along:

  • Jrax and Shifter07 for their reaninmator work and ferverous brewing.
  • Mjordan887, for his Stax-to-the-max approach to our favorite son of Yawgmoth, as well as the immense amount of spicy jank he brings to the table.
  • Mervius, for his insane contributions to the iterations of the list that got us here, and his heavy-hand in early brewing. As well as the solid tech of Dregscape Zombie in Buried Alive piles.

NEW!!! Here’s a budget version of the deck to help you get started: K’rrik on Crack [[Budget]]!

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