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Black Green Energy Amonkhet




Cutting red from my Jund deck perhaps.Any suggestions appreciated!


Went 7-0 at gameday with this decklist on sunday. (My actual deck had a Verdurous gearhulk and a bristling hydra in the main and 1 less Glint sleeve and 1 less Grasp) Really there seems to be 3 flex spots in the deck, and i chose to run 1 of mangle horn and the two above cards. I should probably run to be more consistent and run 4 ofs glintsleeve and 4 of grasp. But that still leaves one extra card you could put anything there!)

Round 1: Went against Temur energy that ran pummeler. It definitely go there game one hitting me for 36. I was thinking "it's going to be one of those days" but i added in some removal and artifact destruction and got there the next couple of rounds

Round 2: Went up against a green white cats deck. It ran a lot of weird cards, including the 2/2 cat for 3 that gains +1/+1 when it attacks. The planeswalker gideon along with the gideon tutor. He did get there one game with Oketra and a 6/6 gideon attacking in every turn. The 2 games i drew well he fell pretty easily though.

Round 3: went up against blue red spells. This wasn't a super hard matchup beacuse his creatures lined up so nicely with my removal and once my creatures hit the battlefield it was fairly difficult for him to gain an advantage off killing them. Game 2, i boarded in my scrapheap scroungers for a little bit of recursion. Went 2-0 overall

Round 4: Temur Aetherworks. This and the zombies were the decks i feared. I knew i'd have to face one of them in round 4. He got there game one by landing 3 ulamogs taking out my creatures by the drove. Game 2, i kept him off energy by making him chump with thopters, so he couldn't spin. And game 3 he got stuck with a ton of large creatures in his hand, like Marvel sometimes does. I'll take it!!!

Round 5(Quarterfinals for the playmat) - Zombies. A perfect build of zombies. He had everything, and played very well. game one he won with a few 2/1's and lots of removal, just swinging in 4 at a time for 5 turns while he killed about 6 of my creatures. Feltbad. Game 2, i got my creatures too big to remove with grasp and thats all he drew Game 3: same thing. barely got there

Round 6(Semi Finals): Zombies again..... Game 1 This build wasn't as perfect as the last one, so the games were a bit easier. It was still zombies tho. I kept swinging in and he blocked really well to blow me out with creatures still on board, but i got him with a couple of timely fatal pushes to blow him out. Game 2. Did ye old trick of Fatal push your mimic and play 2x bone pickers on turn 3. He eventually killed both of these, but i drew a 3rd and it got me there.

Round 7 (finals!) Went against the same guy i faced in round 1. Game 1: he dropped a brawler on turn 2 and i was scared because i had some decent creatures, but nothing really great to block against a pumped brawler. I did eventually trade 2 for one against it unfortunately and killed it, I also run that one mainboard manglehorn....and got his electrostatic pummeler! That felt really good, and a play like that against a pump spell kind of deck was not going to work. Game 2, i got a really nice draw that involved drawing two times off glint sleeve. I had all the removal and all the big creatures. I also got another double bone picker drop. I think i even got a verderous gearhulk down. It was a perfect game to end a perfect series. And thats it! it was a lot of fun and i would love to do it again


FullmetalWes says... #1

I like it!

April 24, 2017 3:09 p.m.

Naj187 says... #2

Hey FullmetalWes do you like it better than Jund? I added a sideboard for comparison.

May 8, 2017 9:58 a.m.

FullmetalWes says... #3

I really can't choose one over the other. I like them both a lot. My personal preference, I always prefer two color decks over three.

May 9, 2017 12:09 a.m.

Naj187 says... #4

I'm going to try Jund out first, since that's my baby. But if it proves to inconsistent i'll switch to black green, because i know it's really consistent. It's just....Glorybringer man.....that card is so busted! I also know i want to get walking ballistas for both decks, so eventually they will both have 2-3.

May 9, 2017 9:26 a.m.

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