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With the addition of Mortician Beetle and Falkenrath Noble I am trying to build a mono black aristocrats list. There are some other lists splashing green or white, but I think black is possible too!

Suggestions are welcome as I believe the list could be upgraded a lot. I am not pauper expert at all :)

I ran Chainer's Edict, but flashbacking never came up, so I swapped it with Diabolic Edict. All the edict effects are present to support better Mortician Beetle growth and I wonder if this is enough of a reason to run them, especially vs Tragic Slip. In the current meta sacrificing a creature is bad only vs Green Stompy and to some extent Kuldotha Boros. The thing is that the nature of the deck forces our opponents to either use removal spells or to chump our aristocrats, which leaves them with fewer creatures and consequently makes our edicts better. So for now I am testing this configuration.

Also an interesting maybe board :D




ektoe253 says... #1

i am also trying to build a black/red aristocrats list. this one looks pretty cool too. i like your perilous myr inclusion.

i don't know how much butcher ghoul is doing for you in this deck though, its cool it comes back, but realistically, you might want some removal instead of that. id probably switch it for 4x tragic slip.

i might also switch places with undying evil and bone splinters if you find you are a bit removal light. you could probably cut 2x relic of progenitus in your s/b so you have 2 extra slots for undying evil there.

if you own chainers edict, id play it over diabolic edict almost any day, as i think the flashback far outweighs the instant speed. you can't choose their creature in any case. or maybe a 2/2 split if you really can't decide, as the flashback effect is so crucial if you run into a time you do need it. maybe even murder as a 2 of along side the chainers edict, then you can be sure their creature is taken care of.

and finally, id probably replace the 4x sultai emissary with 4x viscera seer, as i think the scry might be a bit better than manifest.

overall i think the list looks awesome. I've been thinking about also running a mono black aristocrats list, and i might have to throw something together now that i have seen one.

check out color commontary pauper podcast, they have a new episode each sunday, they are always doing great deck techs and such. they have a website or you can dl it for free with iTunes.

good list man!

April 7, 2017 4:29 a.m.

mozz says... #2

Hi ektoe253,

Thanks for the constructive comment! I haven't played much the deck after constructing it, so it definitely needs refinement. Let me give you mostly the thoughts besides my choices:

  • Butcher Ghoul and Sultai Emissary are my sacrifice fodder. To a lesser extent that's true for Perilous Myr and Undying Evil too. So I can't agree with all your suggestions for replacements at the same time. I consider the Mortician Beetle to be the weakest card as it is very time sensitive.
  • Diabolic Edict vs other removal - I guess you have a point here. Murder, Bone Splinters or Tragic Slip should be the best as they are much more reliable ...
  • My thought of not including Chainer's Edict was that the deck is mostly aggro and I am never reaching the flashback mana. Actually this is the other reason to be running mono black over splash for other colors - to be more aggressive.

Could you give me a link to this podcast - it sounds interesting!

April 7, 2017 7:01 a.m.

-Sylex- says... #3

I think Unearth would be really good in the mainboard. For a single black mana, you get any creature back and with so many sac outlets, its never a dead card in your hand.

Also I think 4 Choking Sands in the sideboard is a good meta call with Tron decks being as popular as they are now. It's also a decent card for bounceland heavy matchups such as Kuldotha Jeskai and Dimir control.

Last thing, why would you run 4 Diabolic Edict over 4 Tragic Slip ? Morbid is so easy to trigger that I wouldn't consider running any other removal spell over Tragic Slip. Also, 1 mana vs 2 mana is a huge deal.

April 9, 2017 1:26 a.m.

mozz says... #4

Hi -Sylex-,

Thanks for the suggestions!

Last weekend I tested the deck in a couple of games. I think the deck is underpowered as it is and needs a splash. The problem is on one hand it cannot be as aggressive as other decks and on the other hand it is not taking advantage of being mono black (e.g. Gray Merchant of Asphodel / Tendrils of Corruption ) besides having stellar mana base.

The inclusion of Diabolic Edict was done mainly to synergize with Mortician Beetle, which is admittedly not good enough of a reason. However in my testing I was not so happy with Tragic Slip either as it is pretty bad top deck once the opponent has some control over the board. For example imagine we have a single creature (in most cases 1/1 or 2/2) vs Gurmag Angler - it's the opponents' choice if they will block our chump attacks to 2 for 1 us or race us with a 5/5 ...

Unearth is definitely very good option.

April 10, 2017 2:49 a.m.

-Sylex- says... #5

If you're looking for a splash, check out ''Zuberaristocrats'' ( Pauper )

Carrion Feeder is my favorite card, and as a result, I've built many decks around it. Blue gives this deck ''broken'' card draw engines, Mulldrifter and Floating-Dream Zubera. Not really broken, but drawing extra cards with Undying Evil feels good :-)

April 10, 2017 7:19 a.m.

ShaharRyu says... #6

Bloodflow Connoisseur might be an option for you since it also stacks +1/+1 counters just like your other creatures do, although it is more expensive. It synergizes very well with your Mortician Beetle.

Death Cultist is an option to consider for one drops and Fume Spitter can work as fodder for Beetle and removal.

August 26, 2017 10:38 p.m.

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