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Competitive Black and White Knights Standard

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My version of the W/B knight tribal deck for standard. Feel free to offer any suggestions for improvements.


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Hey all. Thanks for all the constructive feedback on this deck. With this update the deck has been revamped in a pretty big way. In order to make the deck pretty rotation proof I have decided to remove Heart of Kiran and replace it with resplendent angel. Heart of Kiran is an amazing card but we need all of our creatures attacking every turn, so trading one creature to allow another to attack doesnt make much sense. Resplendent Angel gives us a suitable creature replacement and a mana sink for late game. The next major change is the remove of Sram's Expertise and Pride of Conqueror's. These cards were removed because when they go off they feel amazing but most of the time they were not generating as much value as I would like. Our deck doesn't need them as much as a token deck would. Finally, I removed Arguel's Bloodfast. The biggest weakness of the B/W knights decks is that they stall out in the mid-to-late game transition, which in theory can be solved by adding card draw. However, this problem can also be solved simply by running more creatures so that we continue to draw into creatures each turn. So I have added 3x resplendent angel, 2x shalai, and 3x times kitesail freebooter making the total creature count 28 not even including the 8 creatures we generate off of our 4 history of benalia's. So far this deck has performed consistently better than the previous iteration. I will continue to update the deck results over time. If the deck suddenly stops performing well then I may revert back to the original list. Thanks all for your upvotes and comments. Lets make knights a Tier 1 build.


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