It seems pretty stupid, but it works!!!Play your Heartless Summoning, and your Myr Retriever which normally costs two mana will cost you 0 mana. Since it's a 1/1 creature, it'll just die as soon as it enters the battlefield.And that's pretty good, because when it falls down to the graveyard, you can return to your hand any artifact, including another Myr Retriever. Once you have two of them, and a Heartless Summoning in your table, you can play Myr Retriever from your hand infinite times. Let's say you do it 200 times... And that's when Grapeshot or Bitter Ordeal enter. If you did it 200 times, you can burn out your opponent down with 201 damage, or just mill the shit out of him with your Bitter Ordeal.Explanations on the cards:

I'm still organizing the land base.Any suggestion to accelerate the combo or help with the control until the combo comes, shall be appreciated.


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