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Birth of Dragons




Five colored dragon deck that is meant for Legacy and casual play formats. I tried to make it as close to a commander deck with only dragons. I've had the deck for a while and with the 2016 commander decks I was easily more able to fit it up. It does have a few repeat cards so it is not commander format deck, but the repeat cards are critical to the deck working out I feel. Any pointers are appreciated and suggestions as well. [Edit] It is more for casual play than Legacy. Thank you to the person that pointed out that a Legacy player would have an advantage on me and helping me understand better about Legacy. Any help is always appreciated. I mean by casual that there is no banned cards, just restricted card rules and casual as in just for fun to play whatever decks you can come up with. Any help with what this format would be at the moment would also help so as now it's going to be in unknown. This deck will soon become a Highlander/Casual format deck that will be also set up to be an EDH deck. It's going to take a while to update it and is still going to be based on dragons mainly four of the five Elder dragons from M19 set as well as other cards from a variety of blocks focusing on the new lore introduced. Any and all suggestions are welcomed. I'm sure you can guess what Elder Dragon isn't going to be part of this deck. Arcades, the Strategist is the card that won't be going in this deck.


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