UW Birds deck, pretty casual

There are various sac engines to pump up your Soulcatchers. Thrummingbird is an absolute beast with either Soulcatcher out, and you can stall the fading on Aven Riftwatcher if you need him to stick around longer.

Sideboard Suggestions? Some sort of ground-hosing or damage prevention would be good SB, but there is a variety of pseudo-removal on the creatures.


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Pretty positive record against a variety of below-T1 decks on Cockatrice, though I didn't keep track of W/L. Some specifics I do remember: WG Tokens, Keeper of the Nine Gales bounced 2 Entreated Angels and both their token pump enchantments. He really helps shore up your midgame against combo and decks relying on a few large hitters. Went 2-1 against an Equipment ramp deck with Quest for the Holy Relic, mostly thanks to Battle Screech and its many synergies. That card is seriously dangerous, especially if you have an Aerie or Pride lions out to back it up.

The deck is versatile enough to take several tacks depending on what you draw. The sac-engine build up with Soulcatchers and Aegis (+Thrummingbird) doesn't always come up, but straight-up flyer beatdown with Favorable Winds and Pride of the Clouds gets it done. It has decent card draw, between Seaside Haven, Curiosity, and Raven Familiar. I changed from 2 Airborne Aid 3 Battle Screech to 1 Airborne Aid 4 Battle Screech, because I wasn't really casting the former that often, and the latter is such a welcome draw later in the game, especially as it can be discounted with Stormscape Familiar.

I also moved the mana base around, and went down to just 1 Mistveil Plains. Although this is an aggro deck, it's not actually all that fast on the damage in some cases, and the tempo loss from not having the right mana, between Seaside Haven and Mistveil Plains. It might warrant some more if I bump it up to 22 lands.

Any threats I've overlooked? How to take on some common archetypes with consistency? Sideboarding for dummies (that's me)?


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