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Bird is the Word

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I've wanted to do this for a while, after seeing a Kangee in a friend's trade book, so I decided to build a Bird tribal deck. The mana base still needs work, but let me know if you think I missed anything!


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After a year or so playing the deck at various times, I made a few revisions based on play experience. I cut a lot of the non-bird creatures, and anthem creatures as they only made the deck more vulnerable to board wipes. Additionally, I cut the draw 7's in favor of more persistant draw effects such as Rhystic Study and Future Sight. Future Sight in particular has been a real all-star in the games I have been able to cast it. To help with the mana problems, I cut down on the number of colorless lands and added more two color lands, even if they came at the cost of coming into play tapped. Finally, I smoothed out the curve by cutting down on 4 drops and adding more 2 and 3 drops.


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