Bird is the Word

Commander / EDH*

Jekrel Score: 2


I've wanted to do this for a while, after seeing a Kangee in a friend's trade book, so I decided to build a Bird tribal deck. The mana base still needs work, but let me know if you think I missed anything!


After a year or so playing the deck at various times, I made a few revisions based on play experience. I cut a lot of the non-bird creatures, and anthem creatures as they only made the deck more vulnerable to board wipes. Additionally, I cut the draw 7's in favor of more persistant draw effects such as Rhystic Study and Future Sight. Future Sight in particular has been a real all-star in the games I have been able to cast it. To help with the mana problems, I cut down on the number of colorless lands and added more two color lands, even if they came at the cost of coming into play tapped. Finally, I smoothed out the curve by cutting down on 4 drops and adding more 2 and 3 drops.

Played 3 games against Kresh the Bloodbraided this week for more testing. I handily crushed him in 2 games and we could not finish the last one due to time limitations. The games were too one sided for me to get much of a sense of how good my deck was, but I did start thinking about my commander. I think that I might have to start running more ramp just get my commander online at 11 counters instead of the 3 or 4 that I manage now. This also lets me recast him when he inevitably gets removed. I have a few ideas what to cut, but I will update with more information when I have finalized my changes.

In: Marshal's Anthem


Mask of Avacyn

2x Plains


Glacial Fortress

Supreme Verdict


Out: Aven Mindcensor


Swiftfoot Boots

Whispersilk Cloak


Ghost Town

Mystifying Maze

Wrath of God

Belbe's Portal

Made these changes so I could play the deck today, rather than looking for the last few cards. Deck performed very well. Particular heroes were Brass Herald, Seaside Haven, and Aven Mimeomancer. Brass Herald drew me three cards upon cast, Seaside Haven cycled my Runewing and Kingfisher for two cards apiece, and Aven Mimeomancer combo'd with my commander and other cards like Cloudfin Raptor exceeding well. Out of three games: Win in a one on one in an absolute blow out, Lose in a three man free for all after blowing one of the decks out of the water in one turn, Lose in a one on one because I could not find an answer to Eldrazi Monument (had lethal on board, but his 1/1's just chumped my nine attackers). Both losses were very close, and I feel I might have been able to win them if I had played tighter and known the deck better. Overall, deck performed FAR beyond expectations, very satisfied with results.

Out: Minamo, School at Water's Edge

Hall of the Bandit Lord

Prahv, City of Spires

Boseiju, Who Shelters All

Darksteel Relic

In: 2x Plains

2x Island

Darksteel Ingot


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