On the Shardworld known as Nalthis, the power of life is known as the BioChromatic Breath, or simply as Breath.

Every living being is born with a certain Biochromatic investiture; an individual Breath, which can be transferred or given away to another individual.

Magic on Nalthis is known as an Awakenning, and is reliant on the commands of the user, known as an Awakener as well as the use of the Breath, and has several manifestations; this deck seeks to experss all of them:

A person that holds multiple Breaths gain certain innate abilities. It is a marker of continuous progression. Each Breath gathered increases an Awakener's power.

So too, does this deck seek to do the same. By sending our cards to the graveyard, and casting Life from the Loam we can continually increase our handsize, which in turn increases the potency of Conflagrate.

This is the use of Breath to bring inanimate objects to life.

For the purposes of this deck, we can assume that enablers are our means of Awakening. by thinning our deck with cards like Faithless Looting, Shriekhorn or Cathartic Reunion, we can ensure our engine is established as early as Turn 1.

Mindless manifestations of a deceased host. When an Awakener infuses a skeleton or corpse with a Breath, it becomes animate without becoming fully alive.

In our deck, this applies to every interaction in which a creature returns from the graveyard to the battlefield. As we use the Breath to dig through our deck, several things can happen: - A Narcomoeba can enter the graveyard from the library, which in turn puts it into play. - A Bloodghast can enter the battlefield from the graveyard, if you play a land for turn (or crack a fetch land) - A Prized Amalgam can see either instance above while in the graveyard, and enter the battlefield at the beginning of the next endstep.

By simply going through the motions of our engine, we can amass a significant army.

Unless you are facing a deck that exiles, the most powerful aspect of Dredge is that boardwipes don't mean much to you. You can quickly assemble a similar boardstate to what you previous had.
If there is a common theme I hold nearest and dearest in Magic: the Gathering, it is a deck that manipulates the grave in any capcity. Understanding that it acts as a second hand is one of the cleverest ways players have explored newer boundaries within the game.

My love letter for dredge was compiled ages ago, in the form of a legacy deck:

Play Chess With the Devil

Legacy n0bunga


Manaless Dredge encouraged the absolute best in what I enjoy. It is fragile, risky, and highly rewarding.

I’d love to say modern has a home for manaless dredge, but all the key pieces are sadly not legal. Many of the key pieces like Cabal Therapy can’t be played, which is a huge enabler of Bridge from Below.

That’s not to say that Dredge has no home. It exists as a highly explosive aggro deck, that behaves not unlike a combo deck does. But what I’ve come to appreciate most is that as you peel back the layers, you’ll find it behaves exactly how you want it to, and tailor each game accordingly.

The more you understand the deck’s intricacies, the more you may be comfortable in exceeding it’s linear path in winning via combo, and instead try and focus on hardcasting; that’s right, that’s no typo.

It’s no secret that there are an absurd amount of graveyrd hate pieces in the format, and since the most popular ones (and cheapest) are colorless, any deck can have it.

Now, we’re equipped to handle the specific pieces on their own, but repositioning your mindset to shift focus from combo to aggro is what modern dredge does surprisingly well.

That’s not to say we don’t feel any impact from somethig like Rest in Peace - we absolutely do. It can be crippling, but I guess my point is do not be discouraged. The creatures all fit within the threshold of “castability” in terms of converted mana cost. And the deck itself is tailorable to most game states. If you feel you cannot outrace an opposing aggro deck, you can pace yourself and control the board with Conflagrate and swing life totals with Creeping Chill.

Assuming all is going to plan, our most important card is by far Conflagrate. There are a lot of heavy creature based decks occupying the top spot in the meta, being able to bin your hand (fully replenished at ease with things like Life from the Loam) to divide and conquer is an exceptionally potent way at resetting the boardstate in your favour. And to make it even better, it can close out a game by hitting your opponent head on.

After that, your creatures are your stars, as this is an aggressive deck. Sequencing is key; you always want to hold back your landfall triggers, in case dredge out more Bloodghasts to reanimate, or more Prized Amalgam that return as a result.

With the release of Guilds of Ravnica, Creeping Chill has been one of the most talked about cards for the archetype. I've been a champion of its power since the moment it was spoiled, and I firmly believe it is a card that can warp the deck. We've been given an uncounterable lightning helix for free, provided it's milled into the graveyard. The lack of Golgari Grave Troll means we are especially reliant on Stinkweed Imp to get the job done.

The 15 you choose is typically a meta-call, however there are cards I firmly believe are universal staples that any Dredge deck should run, mainly because they're answers to our biggest problems:

  1. Nature's Claim
  2. Ancient Grudge
  3. Lightning Axe

These are undoubtedly auto-entries, because our most punishing sideboard threats are graveyard hate, which primarily exist in the form of artifacts (Relic of Progenitus), and enchantments (Rest in Peace). These sideboard cards should be 3=4 ofs, depending. Ancient Grudge is also especially good against affinity, which is a tough matchup as it's essentially a race to see who explodes soonest.

Lightning Axe is also a prominent sideboard choice, mainly because it's a strong removal against larger creatures we wouldn't otherwise be able to deal with.

The next slots can be flexible, but it's important to cover your bases with catch-all staples, for decks you'd likely face against.

Ghost Quarter - well rounded land destruction, very punishing in the format, and can be abused with Life from the Loam.

Assassin's Trophy - perfect catch-all for removing any permanent.

Leyline of the Void - amazing pre-game crusher vs mirror matches, Bridgevine, Hollow One and also has applications for Storm, and Hardened Scales, KCI, and Reanimator decks.

I hope you get a kick out of this. If you'd like to see another homage to Brandon Sanderson's works in the Cosmere, please check out my take on the Mistborn series:


Commander / EDH n0bunga



Updates Add

Tested Risk Factor from GRN and was hopeful that it could yield some positive results. It didn't. It just hurt the engine's consistency. I also felt first-hand at how disadvantaged we became against Humans when there were no MB removal spells outside of Conflagrate - which tends to be the target of Meddling Mage most of the time. 2x Darkblasts have replaced the Risk Factors.

On top of that, Assassin's Trophy, Path to Exile, Field of Ruin and Ghost Quarter are fairly prevalent in Modern, so I chose to double my Basic Count. This also helped get fetchable basics in a pinch if I'm down a black source. On top of that, 1x Stomping Ground has become a Steam Vents, to get an easily fetchable blue source, in those awful cases we draw Prized Amalgam or Narcomoeba.

Scourge Devil is also re-added, in hopes of providing just enough to get ahead in aggro matchups.


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