Ever wanted to play bingo but all of your friends wanted to play Magic instead? Well now you can do both!

(Note: This deck was built on a budget, the mana combos are few and janky)

Now, on to the steps of playing bingo

The first step is to achieve unlimited draw and/or mana. This isn't hard to do with Scion and Bladewing (You can also add your own combos if you'd like). The easiest way is to get a card that whenever a creature dies or ETB, you draw/loot a card (Beck / Call, Murder of Crows, Harvester of Souls, etc.) and a clone or reanimation effect. First, you use Scion of the Ur-Dragon's ability to put Bladewing into your graveyard. Then you clone Scion or reanimate Bladewing. Then, before triggers are put onto the stack, state-based actions are checked, and you have to put one into your graveyard. Then, Bladewing's trigger goes onto the stack, and you can target Bladewing. Then repeat as many times as you wish. Next turn, you'll probably have Azure Mage and an infinite mana combo (Twinflame can give psuedo-haste). Using Elixir of Immortality, you also have infinite recursion. Now we can begin.

Unless otherwise stated, all cards are being recurred by using Elixir of Immortality, then drawing into those cards again.

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If there's anything I forgot to mention or needs clarification, please let me know!


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