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BGW Wither Persist

Modern* BGW (Abzan, Junk)



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Fun with numerous nasty synergies. So many threats that synergise yet with few critically needed cards. Persist is absolutely brutal with Blowfly Infestation/Nest of Scarabs when targeting either your own and/or opposing creatures.

Eats elves, cats, goblins, and merfolk alive. Has run well against Eldrazi Tron, a bit slow vs Naya Burn. Fairly weak turn 1-2 but very strong later play with endless threats.

Would love suggestions on 1-2 mana range cards especially further white options.

Manabase still being trialled. Do you think I should run more fetchlands? Exotic Orchard is very fun as it's often great for you that your opponent has 1/1s in play so it's a great mana source with a built in designed drawback that is often actually a benefit for this deck. Any similar multicoloured suggestions?


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