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B/G/R Hydra Trample




Hi, I am just 2 month into MTG family, recently I was building a trample hydra deck. Please if you can advise me some idea for building.

At moment, I didn't sideboard yet, not so sure what to do, need help from you guys.

Thank you so much

The concept is summon a large dmg hydra to try win by a turn instantly.

Turn 1: play Arbor Elf

Turn 2: play Somberwald Sage

Turn 3: play Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch and/or Somberwald Sage , depend on situation

Turn 4: play Corpsejack Menace and/or Boros Reckoner

If nothing go wrong at turn 5 you will have 12 mana to cast spell.

Turn 5: play your hydra with 10 mana, save 2 for Pit Fight or Flesh / Blood or enchantment

Sometime have to change plan according different situation. Hope can get some comment/advise. Thanks



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