A blisteringly fast aggro deck with plenty of natural card advantage. This is the deck to beat come rotation!

Efficient 1-drops backed by undying, regenerating, and scavenging creatures make dealing with your threats a nightmare for opponents.

Golgari Charm makes tokens a bye round and keeps anything but Terminus from stalling your onslaught!

Slitherhead is a subtle all-star, giving your Dreg Manglers the reach they need against Restoration Angel and pumping your foe's Messenger in the mirror match...

Four Overgrown Tombs, four Woodland Cemeteries, three Caverns and two Gates provide the perfect balance between fixing for your zombies and hitting green to play your Rancors and Decays.

Deadbridge Goliath gives the deck a tidy late-game reach, the perfect yang to Thragtusk's ying. A few Disciples and Thrags in the board help in the mirror and against decks that intend to "go over" the top of you.

The sideboard is open to interpretation and will mold to fit the Future Meta.

B/G Zombies is a powerhouse that will smash you if you aren't prepared for it. A slew of fast, recurring creatures will make your Supreme Verdicts feel like a 1-for-0. B/G Zombies biggest enemy is itself, so pick this deck up if you're looking for the best aggro deck this fall. Welcome to Tier 1!


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