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Standard Aggro BG (Golgari) Lifegain



B/G Tracker is a (budget) deck I'm currently testing for post-rotation Standard. The deck aims to create card advantage through Ulvenwald Tracker, Rancor and Deathtouch creatures. The top end of the curve provides a high power level for long games, and some life gain. There is a minor Vampire subtheme going on with the Nighthawks and Bloodline Keeper, which is quite nifty but not the focus of the deck.

Cards I'm not sure about: Evolving Wilds (Need the fixing, but doesn't help the curve), Young Wolf (A bit small and pretty much vanilla)

Any suggestions are welcome, especially about the sideboard and lower end of the curve.

This will obviously change after RtR is released, but this is mostly an attempt to get a solid core for the deck.


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