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Using mulch and grisly salvage, build up the graveyard for splinterfright, ghoultree, and jarad. Hold off agro with nighthawk, gain card advantage with disciple, and win with big creatures attacking or being flung with jarad.



valbaca says... #1

Lotleth troll is another good anti-aggro creature who fits in pretty well with your strategy. Regen means he can go head-to-head with a most of the first waves of RB and GW.Extra synergy if you get a deathrite out that can get you some life from any creatures your troll discards.

Some sideboard tweaks might help too. I'm not really sold on Pithing Needle as being very effective yet. But sideboards must be made toward the meta you're playing in so, I'll just leave it.

Looks fun!!

November 8, 2012 8:17 p.m.

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