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Depending on whether you have Pack Rat in your opening hand this deck plays one of two ways.

If you have the rat it does either an Arbor Elf, a Deathrite Shaman or a Typhoid Rat first turn; then the Pack Rat; then the Pack Rat's ability every turn spending your spare mana on one drops, possibly with an Archdruid if you have enough elves to make it worthwhile. Ideally, you get out a Growing Ranks or a Parallel Lives with free mana from the Archdruid, but if not you can still win just by volume of Pack Rats, chumping with your other rats/elves if you need to race.

If you don't have a rat the ideal play is an Arbor Elf first turn and an Archdruid second turn, hopefully with other elves third/fourth turn and an Underworld connections on a Forest as quickly as possible. You use the Arbor Elf with the Underworld connections to dig for Pack Rat and you use the Archdruid's free mana to get out Growing Ranks, Parallel Lives, or Vraska in the time until you pull a Pack Rat. When that happens you play it and use its ability immediately (if they have kill you Golgari Charm the Rat, if they have counter you're shit outta luck and have to fall back on using Vraska's ultimate when you have out one or two Parallel Lives).



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