BG Midrange Brew

Standard B/G (Golgari) Midrange

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This is my attempt at a B/G midrange deck from the bottom up. The greatest flaw is the lack of card advantage and the lack of a real board wipe like Pernicious Deed.

Nonetheless, I still think this deck can work.


Heading into FNM, I couldn't get a hold of the mainboard 4 Lifebane Zombie, so instead I had to do with the spares from my Monoblack Devotion deck:

+3 Pack Rat+1 Dreg Mangler-4 Lifebane Zombie

Also, I couldn't get the last Mistcutter Hydra, so I ran with:

+1 Abrupt Decay-1 Mistcutter Hydra

I was surprised how many times Pack Rat actually saved me, so now I feel I have to make room for it, but I'm having experimenting with my creature makeup.

Nightveil Specter is hard to run in this deck because of the Forests. To be reassured about reliable Specters, I'd have to drop a chunk of the green. Instead, I think Dreg Mangler and Lifebane Zombie are good replacements. The former dodges a lot removal, including Last Breath, and the latter can help reduce hand size in some matchups, or be an evasive beast beast regardless.

I'm still debating Read the Bones over Underworld Connections. My deck isn't supposed to stall until the late game. Read the Bones lets me Scry for 2 and draw two there and then, without losing tempo from having to sacrifice a land to draw instead of giving me mana. Since devotion isn't a win condition, I don't need it to be a permanent, and my mid game is stronger. Also, I don't have to worry about a Connections being destroyed the turn after I play it, or it being Pithing Needled.


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