BG Midrange Brew

Standard B/G (Golgari) Midrange

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This is my attempt at a B/G midrange deck from the bottom up. The greatest flaw is the lack of card advantage and the lack of a real board wipe like Pernicious Deed .

Nonetheless, I still think this deck can work.


Followup 2 — Dec. 16, 2013

Heading into FNM, I couldn't get a hold of the mainboard 4 Lifebane Zombie, so instead I had to do with the spares from my Monoblack Devotion deck:

+3 Pack Rat +1 Dreg Mangler -4 Lifebane Zombie

Also, I couldn't get the last Mistcutter Hydra, so I ran with:

+1 Abrupt Decay -1 Mistcutter Hydra

I was surprised how many times Pack Rat actually saved me, so now I feel I have to make room for it, but I'm having experimenting with my creature makeup.

Followup 1 — Dec. 11, 2013

Nightveil Specter is hard to run in this deck because of the Forest s. To be reassured about reliable Specters, I'd have to drop a chunk of the green. Instead, I think Dreg Mangler and Lifebane Zombie are good replacements. The former dodges a lot removal, including Last Breath , and the latter can help reduce hand size in some matchups, or be an evasive beast beast regardless.

I'm still debating Read the Bones over Underworld Connections . My deck isn't supposed to stall until the late game. Read the Bones lets me Scry for 2 and draw two there and then, without losing tempo from having to sacrifice a land to draw instead of giving me mana. Since devotion isn't a win condition, I don't need it to be a permanent, and my mid game is stronger. Also, I don't have to worry about a Connections being destroyed the turn after I play it, or it being Pithing Needle d.

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