Since we all know what this deck does, I might just discuss the new cards that i put in.

Duress straight up increases the chance of this deck to win against control and combo decks. Formerly, these type of archetypes are the biggest weakness of this deck. Swap it on Fatal Push in control matches.

Shapers' Sanctuary generally replaces Tireless Tracker. Not quite as good, but definitely harder to remove.

Vraska's Contempt is one of the cards I'm actually thinking if i want it as a one-off in the sideboard, two-off as a 1 side and 1 main board split, or replace it totally with Hour of Glory. The 2 black mana cost definitely would make it a bit difficult for me to run it.

Vraska, Relic Seeker is another win condition in this deck. It protects herself, destroys almost all permanents while giving you extra mana and revolt trigger for Fatal Push, and an instant life reduction for lifelink decks. 1 resolved Walking Ballista is all it takes to beat your opponent.

As for the cards that i might add in the future, i'm generally thinking of:

2 copies of Appetite for the Unnatural if decks with enchantments/artifacts goes rampant (like the Abzan Tokens).

4 copies of Bone Picker as a flyer that is cheap and with deathtouch.

4 copies of Heart of Kiran as another hard to deal with threat that flies.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Please do upvote the deck if you guys find this helpful or, if you like the deck.


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