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BG is my personal favorite color combo, so I made this mess. Ideally, this deck drops Dreg Mangler or Ooze turn 2, but Geist or Lol Troll is usually good enough when that can't happen. The Abrupt Decays are probably one of, if not the, best answer to Reckoner right now so it was a pretty easy choice for a 4 of. Deadbridge Goliath and Silverheart are, in my experience, both great deterrents against more straight aggro decks like RDW or Boros, and both put a pretty big body on the board (although neither having trample has been problematic in some games). Sideboard is kind of an experiment for me. What I'm trying to do with it is let it go straight aggro against control, or go midrange if I'm going against an aggro deck that's out racing me. The Illnesses are for dealing with Lingering Souls and Sorin, both of which cause this deck a lot more trouble than I'd expected and see quite a bit of play at my LGS.


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