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Wizards Preconstructed Deck from Coldsnap

To a necromancer, death is the most delicious part of lifeand when playing the Beyond the Grave deck, youre the necromancer. Dont hesitate to send your minions to their doom, because each death increases your dark powers. The more corpses you produce, the more zombie fodder youll have, and the more spells youll return from your graveyard to your hand.

Early in the game, play defensively. Block and trade your creatures for your opponents creatures. Dont worry, cadavers come in handy later! This deck needs a lot of mana, so just keep your opponents strategy in check while playing lands turn after turn. Later in the game, the tide will turn in your favor.

As the game progresses, dont stop letting your creatures fall in combatin fact, thats the key to your success. Its especially good for you when certain creatures, like Insidious Bookworms , die. To make things even better, whenever one of your creatures is marked for death due to a spell or combat damage, sacrifice it to Skull Catapult , Orcish Bloodpainter , or Gutless Ghoul instead. If SekKuar is overseeing things, youll get a bonus 3/1 Graveborn creature token no matter how the creature dies. When the creature hits the graveyard, you can return any cards with recover in your graveyard to your hand. If you return Grim Harvest to your hand, you can use it to get back the creature that just died, then pop it right back into play! If thats not an option, you can recycle the corpse with Balduvian Dead to create a Graveborn token that, itself, dies at the end of the turn . . . setting off the cycle all over again!

This deck can be complex to play, since there are so many triggers and options. You have to be extra careful when there are recover cards in your graveyard: If one of your creatures dies when you dont have the mana to pay the recover cost, you lose the recover card forever. The deck also has no way to block flying creatures, so theyre particularly dangerous threats.

Once youve played a bit with this deck, you might want to modify it to your tastes. An interesting angle is to include some Golgari cards from the Ravnica: City of Guilds set. Many cards from that guild, such as Golgari Germination and Savra, Queen of the Golgari , make it even more beneficial to you to bump off your own creatures. Its a match made inwell, you dont want to know!



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