This is an enchantment deck, focusing around auras and the bestow rule to create really powerful creatures that are hard to deal with. Since a large part of all the cards in the deck have the Enchantment type, Herald of the Pantheon is a very important card since it lowers the cost of enchantment spells. Eidolon of Blossoms is also an important card as it allows for drawing more cards to keep your options open. Kor Spiritdancer should be your main enchanting-target as it grows absurdly big. Although it's rather easy to create 10/10 or stronger creatures with this deck, those creatures can still be blocked preventing you from causing damage to your opponent. To combat this Rancor can be used to give a creature trample or you can play Aura Gnarlid to bypass weaker creatures. Other than that, this deck is fairly straight forward.


I've gone for mostly utility card for this sideboard. Naturalize is good against other enchantment decks, and Reviving Melody lets you bring back up to two cards from the graveyard if you face a lot of destruction cards.

I’m starting to feel that the deck is complete and it's pretty fun to play. Any feedback is always appreciated, maybe even some suggestions for att better name for the deck!


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