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An Amalgamation of the Embalmed

Standard Budget GWU (Bant) Tokens Zombie



the goal of this deck so far is to ramp, sometimes dump, generally get into graveyard through dying, but still making use of them.

oh and don't forget that Anointed Procession that makes everything better. oh and that with anointer priest (what is it with amonkhet and anointers? this isn't anointkhet, for gods sake) that makes your opponents want to faint. bunch of honored hydras, and bunch of life.

One of the biggest decisions of this deck was the colors; would I do Esper Embalm Zombie Tribal, or would I go straight up Bant embalm with some ramp, or some honored hydra? Now, if i was a very stubborn person, I could go 4 colors; but that would ruin the point of budget. That's why I followed my heart, which of course, led me to bant.

Here were some of my choices for running bant:


not much to see here. Of course stuck in the best embalmers.

however, I did decide to run Noose Constrictor , because it is a good blocker anyway (threatening opponent by holding up a bunch of embalmers that i can discard and recast anyway), also if i have an honored hydra or anointed procession, embalm option is better than regular cast, so i want to be able to throw my cards in the yard. I still dont' want to just dump my hand so often, so only 3 copies.


not much either. of course, i went with a lot of creatures, and Anointed Procession for moral support.


again, not much. just decided on running In Oketra's Name because why not? lets me do some bant swarm thing, a reminiscence of the days of good ol' bant CoCo.


of course, not much to see here.

just have a random Nissa, Steward of Elements 'floating' around.


Of course, you need lands. If you can, aim for a 3 land hand that gives you access to . If not, at least something that can let you cast your hand. Ideally, you want something like 1x trueheart duelist, 1x honored hydra, 1x noose constrictor 1x anointed procession, 3 lands, etc. That probably isn't the best hand possible, but it's an example of something keepable. you can play trueheart, you can play constrictor, if you topdeck a land, you can play anointed, you can get double hydra, you can chump with trueheart then get double truehearts, and so on. You DON'T want to keep something with 5 lands, 1 land, and 2 lands, it has to be something like 2 sacred cat, 1 plains, 1 forest, 1 channeler initiate, 1 honored hydra, 1 noose constrictor, etc.


On turn 1, you obviously want to play a land. You always want to be able to do something on turn one, such as cycling Censor, or casting Sacred Cat.

turn 2 is the most important turn. If you don't have anything better, Trueheart Duelist , Temmet, Vizier of Naktamun, or Anointer Priest is acceptable. ideally, you want a Channeler Initiate or a Noose Constrictor (for some awesome blocks where you dump all your embalmers and just get them back).

turn 3, if you have a nissa, go ahead. otherwise, play any 2 drop and/or 1 drop you have still.

turn 4. If you have an honored hydra in yard, go ahead. or, you can play 2 drops, &c.

turn 5. ideally, you want to be able to aven wind guide by now. if you got temmet already, and just cast wind guide, you can deal bunches of damage with tokens, and start chipping big chunks out of your opponent. ouch.

  1. Authority of the Consuls This card is just something powerful, with no copycat, its not something you board in specifically, but just something if you need to slow down your opponent for whatever reason .
  2. Blessed Alliance Again, this is to slow down your opponent, and bait them into attacking you. When they do, you can untap creatures, gain life, make them sacrifice, etc.
  3. Catalog Just some additional card draw and discard outlet.
  4. Essence Scatter Against decks with heavy creatures, or if they have a certain creature you want to be able to stop.
  5. Fumigate Another more control-esque card, for decks that keep ruining you and massing a force, so you remove them. and then, you can just embalm your stuff back. real value and can save 15% or more on car insurance.
  6. Manglehorn Against vehicles, can also stop any deck trying to use artifacts of any kind.
  7. Prowling Serpopard This is against control, but is generally not needed as much, because regular counters don't stop me from embalming.
  8. Stasis Snare Some removal if needed.
  9. Watchers of the Dead This is still tentative, but against any graveyard strategies that may arise.

Suggestions and/or feedback is appreciated.

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