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This Mono- Blue Merfolk Deck is based on a disruptive-aggro strategy. The idea is to play Aether Vial on turn 1. You then flash in your creatures with Aether Vial and keep mana open so you can use counter - spells,removal, or more creatures. The deck also uses alot of landhate. ( Spreading Seas , Tectonic Edge). Other win-cons include : Flooding the board with Master of Waves , or using Merrow Reejerey to tap or untap your permanents and/or lands. Alot of card-draw is also important in this deck. That is why Spreading Seas and Silvergill Adept work well.

I have been playing Mono- blue Merfolk now for about 4 year's and have done very well in Fnm's and tournaments around my city and/or meta. Merfolk is both fun and competitive and is my favorite deck. I am always looking for Suggestions and feedback, so feel free to comment.


         - dylanyad


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