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Benemortal's Blood

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I wanted to make a lifegain Commander deck because Kambal seemed like a fun idea to build around,but lifelink cant really get me the win,so I decided to use Blacks self harm to my benefit. The idea is to have as many combos as possible. Some of them use lifegain as a resource that I can use on things like Dark Tutelage,Crested Sunmare,Aetherflux Reservoir,Karlov of the Ghost Council's ability,also Angelic Accord works wonders .Another decent combo is Phyrexian Processor + Plague of Vermin + Tainted Sigil ,where you basically pay as much life as possible, then pop the Sigl to get it all back. Instant wins would be things like Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond + Vizkopa Guildmage . A Blow from the Reservoir,Bloodchief Ascension + Mindcrank = infinite mill. As long as Storm Herd / Army of the Dead stick,its also most likely game. I think it needs more removal,but unsure what to swap so help would definitely be welcome. Also,I noticed that people really hate Kambal,so im looking for a way to take advantage of that,any other help would be great, because I feel like it could have more flavor.


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