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This deck has hit the #1 slot! I never thought that'd happen again after How to Train Your-- Oh Sweet Mother of God..., but I guess I was wrong, haha! Anyway, I'm glad that this wonky-slow Zur deck has made you guys happy enough to inspire an upvote :) Thank you all for your support~

This deck is meant to have way too many enchantments. This is a casual deck meant to let you sit back and watch opponents bicker at each other while you throw fun stuff onto the field like Mana Maze and Vile Consumption just because you feel like a dick.

Yeah, the startup is super slow, fight me. I don't want Zur out too early, Turn 4 is just fine with me. This gives my opponents time to build up spookier boards so I won't be the focus of everyone's attention right from the start. I want to cause mischief, not win fast.

Let me know what you think, as always, your input is greatly appreciated! :)

Here's a rundown of the enchantments I chose. You might have noticed that everything in this deck, barring lands, is tutorable through Zur, meaning I essentially have a massive box of feces I can just throw at my opponents.

Act of Authority - Oh, how I love this card. Got me some Enchantment/Artifact hate, and I can use it twice safely if I have 2x Greater Auramancy on the field! (Achievable through Copy Enchantment )

Aegis of the Gods - I won't be sacrificing Zur today, no thank you.

Animate Dead - In any other deck, this would be a second-rate Necromancy, but due to the fact that Animate Dead attaches itself to the creature that I choose, my newfound creature will automatically have shroud if Greater Auramancy is out.

Artificer's Hex - Helps punish any spooky equipment decks that rely on synergy to win fast.

Authority of the Consuls - Creature tempo disruption and a second-rate (but still stronk) soul sister effect? Sign me up.

Blessing of Leeches - Free Regenerate for Zur with the minor setback of losing a life per turn.

Brave the Sands - Allows Zur to block an additional creature, making things fun when you consider Charisma, Unquestioned Authority, and Vanishing .

Charisma - That's mine now. Combos beautifully with Hyena Umbra , Psionic Gift , and Unquestioned Authority

Copy Artifact - Ooh, I want that too!

Copy Enchantment - At best, it's a second Greater Auramancy.

Counterbalance - Really just meant to meddle with people's shit for the sake of being an ass. Love hearing the groans when this hits the field.

Crackdown - Sometimes midrange gets out of control. Gotta Crackdown on that.

Curse of Inertia - Please don't attack me, I'll even let you tap my lands!.

Curse of Shallow Graves - Want a bigger board state? Don't attack me.

Dance of Many - Another Zur, another enchantment per turn. Good stuff!

Detention Sphere - Token wipe or nonland-permanent removal.

Diplomatic Immunity - The card might as well just say "Fuck you" on the description.

Douse - Red is useful. This card makes red less useful. These things are good.

Eidolon of Countless Battles - A very big creature late game.

Eidolon of Rhetoric - I don't need to draw so you shouldn't either.

Energy Field - Combo this with Rest in Peace, and I essentially become unhittable.

Energy Flux - Man, those baubles look expensive.

Ethereal Armor - For when I want to bomb someone out of nowhere.

False Demise - It's just funny. I love the foreshadowing that this card brings to the table.

Felidar Umbra - Lifelink and Totem armor.

Freed from the Real - Great when you consider Psionic Gift and Stasis.

Ghostly Prison - Don't attack me.

Greater Auramancy - This just makes my stuff hard to touch. Nobody wants me to have this, and I'll be surprised if it lasts more than a turn... If it does though, I'm copying it with Copy Enchantment .

Haunted Crossroads - For retrieving creature cards that I tutored onto the battlefield.

Hyena Umbra - First strike and totem armor!

In the Eye of Chaos - Get outta here with your instant speed removal.

Island Sanctuary - I don't need to draw anyway, might as well make me stupid tough to attack.

Karmic Justice - Don't touch my stuff.

Luminarch Ascension - Build fort. Get points. Score hoop goals with angels.

Mana Maze - Pure fuckery and I love it.

Necromancy - I'll be taking that.

Nevermore - I don't like your general. Looking at you Bruna, Light of Alabaster

Nighthowler - This guy can get ginormous in EDH matches.

Oath of Lieges - Prevents people from getting mana-screwed too hard. I like this card because it makes sure everyone has a steady mana flow.

Paradox Haze - Cast it on myself for Island Sanctuary and Words of Worship, or I can cast it on another player for shits and giggles.

Prison Term - This is one of those cards that just keeps on chugging. I love it.

Propaganda - Don't attack me.

Psionic Gift - Great with Charisma and Sigil of Sleep

Rest in Peace - Screw your graveyard interactions, I don't want 'em.

Sadistic Glee - Growing power.

Sigil of Sleep - Back to your hand! Works great with Psionic Gift and Thassa, God of the Sea.

Slow Motion - Heehee.

Soul Tithe - That creature was expensive. Keep paying up.

Spirit of the Labyrinth - I don't need to draw either.

Standstill - Works great with Underworld Dreams and Words of Worship!

Stasis - Coupled with Freed from the Real, this card can really just cause a lot of trouble.

Steal Enchantment - That's a mighty fine enchantment you've got there... It'd be a shame if something were to happen to it...

Stony Silence - No.

Story Circle - I don't want damage from _. Pretty simple.

Suppression Field - Spend more mana!

Telepathy - Watching people bicker as they look through each others' hands is always wonderful.

Thassa, God of the Sea - Gives me indestructible scry and unblockable, and will eventually become a 5/5 body. :D

Treacherous Link - Another funny foreshadowing card that I enjoy playing.

Underworld Dreams - Wanna draw cards? Fine with me, I guess.

Unquestioned Authority - Can't touch this.

Vanishing - Such a wonderful card, as phasing doesn't remove auras from Zur since he never actually leaves the battlefield. Couple this card with Diplomatic Immunity and you've got yourself one slippery Zur.

Vile Consumption - Good times for token decks.

War Tax - In case one particular opponent is mad at me due to recent fuckery.

Words of Worship - Island Sanctuary + Paradox Haze + Words of Worship. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.


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