pie chart

Beginner cube (budget)



Creature (404)

Instant (111)

Artifact (66)

Land (9)

Sorcery (95)

Enchantment (86)

Unknown (1)


This is my first stab at a cube. The power level of the cards is relatively low, but I feel they are quite evenly matched. My aim is to have games that are not super fast, but featuring some really sweet spells.

The archetypes I went for:Green: mana ramp, good/big creatures, elves & beasts, reach, good pump spellsWhite: flying, lifegain, vigilance, soldiers & angels, good small creatures, good tactical combat spellsBlack: sacrifice, kill effects, zombies, vampires & demons, discard, regenerate, recurBlue: counterspells, flying, card draw, tactical spells, tapping, return to hand effects, wizards & drakesRed: damage spells and abilities, provoke effects, many small creatures, goblinsColorless: artifact creatures (affinity for artifacts, metalcraft), statboosting equipment, mana rocks

All colors feature a nice amount of enchantments and auras. Mostly white and green get spells against enchantments.

I have decided to only include lands with interesting effects. I don't really like boring lands clogging up slots.


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