Originally titled "Beg, Borrow, Steal", the deck has evolved from "steal all the things" to "blue-artifact love", and now with a new commander! Sai, Master Thopterist is a great choice for the deck, creating thopters to attack and block while your other artifacts and enchantments do, well, unique things!


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Back to another Update on the decks, but as not much is changing per deck (on average), and there is soooooooo much to do, I've gone to 6 month updates.

So this deck changed commanders in the last 6 months, from Zahid to Sai, and runs much smoother. It wasn't all that aggro to start with, so Zahid didn't make much sense, and Sai adds blockers, card draw, attackers, card draw, and card draw to the board!

Cards into the deck: Caged Sun , Crown of Empires (yes, I get to be a pretty, pretty empress with this deck!), Mechanized Production , Mirrodin Besieged , Scepter of Empires , Seat of the Synod , Throne of Empires , and Victory Chimes

OUT: Body Double , Kefnet the Mindful , Lodestone Myr , Muzzio, Visionary Architect , One with the Machine , Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp , and 2x Island

Cards to acquire and try out: Masterful Replication and Tezzeret the Seeker



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