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Be You Angels?

Legacy Angels Tribal



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This deck is a labor of love of mine over my years playing MtG.

Angels is my favorite creature type and I felt that WotC had sorely ignored them when compared to the other popular creature types like Dragons and Demons. Recently however, more and more Angels have been printed, particularly around the Innistrad block.

The strategy of this deck is basically to keep the board relatively clear until you can start overpowering your opponent with Angels. Due the the almost complete lack of cheap angels in the game ( Angelic Page being one of only 2 Angels that cost less than 3 mana) I felt I needed to keep myself safe until being able to start dropping threats onto the board.

The key to this deck are combat tricks - like blocking with a Page and then tapping it, or playing Smite or Subtle Strike effectively. I have also included a set of Defy Death as I feel this is a great way to extend the usefulness of cheaper creatures without having them become irrelevant in the later game. At time, even using removal on my own creatures just to Defy Death.

I would love to hear suggestions if any of you guys are Angel fans as well! Comments and constructive suggestions appreciated


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