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I wanted to do a theme that not a lot of people did. So after a little searching, I found this amazing supply of elemental creatures that say "Rage Fist in your Bum!"

The best combo in here is Flamekin Harbinger , Incandescent Soulstoke and a creature that can champion an elemental in your hand(like Nova Chaser for example).

Use Incandescent Soulstoke 's ability on Nova Chaser , Nova Chaser champions Flamekin Harbinger , deal 11 damage. Then at the eot, Nova Chaser gets sac, Flamekin Harbinger comes back into play and fetches another creature that can champion for the next turn. Or, you can just Fling Nova Chaser before it gets sac for the win.

Everything else, is icing on the cake...mmmmmmmmmm, caaaaaaake num nuuuum num



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