The idea for this deck came to be when I fell in love with Charging Cinderhorn. i wanted to capitalize on the punishment for not attacking, but red doesn't really promote pascifism, so along came white. Ghostly Prison and the like came to mind, and before I knew it, an enchantment-centric Boros deck sprung into being. ideally, this deck has me swinging early and progressively harder and harder, whilst making it difficult for my opponent to swing, or even gain a board pressence. Lifegain, drawpower, voltron, pillowfort, and, to some extent, burn - are the keywords here :)

I know that the deck could be a lot more pillow-forty, but since I only have one Cinderhorn, I didn't really build that much around it. It's mainly in the deck to pay homage to what got me tinkering :) The decks really plays more like an aggro-deck with a cool unexpected deffensive twist.

Do comment and suggest away :)


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