Black (50)

Red (50)

Simic (4)

Blue (50)

White (50)

Green (50)

Colorless (15)

Azorius (4)

Boros (4)

Dimir (4)

Golgari (4)

Gruul (4)

Izzet (4)

Orzhov (4)

Rakdos (4)

Selesnya (4)


Other (88)

Hey this is my Battlebox Pauper Cube.

Each player starts with 2 of each basic land in exile and can play a land each round. Every player draws 4 cards at the beginning. There is one big library, from which all players draw.

Sometimes we play the mode Top-Deck-King. Here you start with all lands in play and no handcards. Sometimes we draft normal or play sealed.

A few paupercube staples are not played, because it would mess up the Battlebox Gameplan like Green Ramp , library searching effects and land destruction. Other cards are worse in drafting/sealed but are straight A-Bombs in the Battlebox Mode. I am looking at you Domain DE cards.

For Powerlevel reasons i did not include the Signets , Cluestones and Talismans . It felt like you have mostly enough mana at hand. And to cash in the Lockets DE for 2 cards felt more rewarding. Although you have to tap all your available mana for the specific guild.


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