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The Mono-White deck is able to use its early drops to get power through some early damage - and the level up creatures can get really relevant really fast. The defensive power of its early creatures allow it to stall to the late game where its powerful Angels and the inevitability of Emeria, the Sky Ruin allow it to win.

Flickerwisp, Parallax Wave, Beloved Chaplain, Jareth, and Eight-and-a-Half-Tails add some interesting dynamics and give you the ability to force that last couple points of damage in clogged board states.

I probably want another one or two Thraben Inspectors to help smooth out draws, another Flickerwisp to add a little more interactivity, and maybe another instant or two besides Swords and the Dictate Of Heliod so its decision are a little more concealed.

This deck is at a perfect power level, it plays very well, and there are no cards that I want to remove.

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