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Using Chandra's Pheonix and Faithless Looting to provide card advantage, the Mono-Red deck wants to kill opposing creatures and planeswalkers and then attack directly when there is nothing in the way. If the deck can bide its time, it can also win with a very large Fall of the Titans - taking out multiple opponents with one spell; Pyromaster's Goggles can makes this even easier to accomplish!

The colorless lands are there to aid Eldrazi Displacer, and while they seem to hurt red mana dependent cards like Kargan Dragonlord, the interesting gameplay those lands provide while all forcing players to prioritize different lands and to be cognizant of their mana is something that makes playing the deck more enjoyable.

Dragon Whisperer is a new addition to this deck, and so I'm waiting to see how much I like it. Also, while I like the Eldrazi Displacer and the colorless lands, the numbers might be a little off and another Mountain might be needed.

This deck has some very powerful explosive plays, and its card advantage and selection allows it to compete in longer and more drawn out games.

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