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Barrin, the Ultimate Wizard

Commander / EDH* Control Mono-Blue


Welcome to Barrin, Master Wizard EDH. To make this commander playable and competitive we need permanets with ETB triggers or on death effects. If their mana cost is also low, thats even better. Hatching Plans, Induced Amnesia, Reef Worm and most cards in this deck are great targets for Barrin.

Since creatures will rarely pose a threat, we need some counterspells for noncreature spells and combos. Arcane Denial and Dream Fracture give cards to you and your opponent, but they will probably have to discard some from all the bouncing. They are also pretty nice on multiplayer. Mikokoro serves the same purpose.

Your main goal is to build some permanents at start while keeping enemy creatures at bay. When you have permanents to sacrifice for Barrin, and Barrin is on board, keeping some untapped lands for bounces or counterspells, is adviced. Bouncing creatures should be an easy job for you with Barrin on board, so you will rarely have any decent blockers on your opponents' side, to stop your creatures. Coveted Jewel also fits Barrin's agenda perfectly, since there will rarely be any threats. Even if there are, you can always sacrifice it to Barrin. Beware of token decks, if you plan to play against them, be ready to counterspell any big token generators.

Master Thief, Sower of Temptation, Memnarch, Vedalken Shackles and Aura Thief seem so nice, since they can give you decent permanents, which you can always sacrifice to Barrin. Spreading Seas is a way to handle some lands that you can't otherwise and it is a permanent, that you can always sacrifice. Memnarch, Aura Thief and Vedalken Shackles can easily win you games. Gilded Drake is so good since you can bounce it and gain control of enemy creatures on repeat.

Drownyard Temple is just great here and Arcane Lighthouse can help with some pesty hexproof-shroud creatures, or even Lightning Greaves. Tolaria West and Expedition Map can help you find those, when needed. There are also some other nice lands you can Tutor for.

Anyway hope you enjoy and have fun! Any suggestions welcome.

P.S. Barrin can bounce himself, which isnt a bad idea. There are some expensive cards in this deck... feel free to replace them for more casual plays!


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