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Baron of Death (Modern Horizons update)

Modern Aggro BR (Rakdos) BRG (Jund) Competitive Zombie



Trying out some Zombie and Skeleton tribal. I would appreciate and feed back. I think this has room to grow with cards that are already out but finding the balance is between cheeky and cleaver is hard.

I’m adding 1 Barron Moor and going to 17 lands. I need to get 3 mana every game but I don’t want to draw lands after that. Cycling Barron Moor is very useful.

Modern Horizons came out with some amazing cards for this deck! Unearth: This is the card I waited my whole Modern experience for! Turn 1 - Faithless Looting discarding (hopefully) Lightning Skelemental. Turn 2 - Unearth Lightning Skelemental and attack. If he lives through combat, use the second land to cast Thud and do 12 damage and cause your opponent to discard 2 cards.

Skeletons: I’m choosing to run half skeletons instead of mono zombie because of these 3 creatures - Barrier of Bones, Gutterbones, Lightning Skelemental. Barrier of Bones can help me get through my deck and keep me from drawing something lame. If I can put a Gravecrawler in the grave, it’s basically like drawing. This card is also good for holding off Burn creatures like Goblin Guide and Monastery Swiftspear. After Death Baron comes out, Barrier becomes a 1/4 with deathtouch. This also helps it survive the “Bolt Test”. Gutterbones is a much needed blocker. If I can do some damage, I can return him to my hand so I can have an extra card to discard with Faithless looting. Lightning Skelemental. As mentioned before, this guy has great potential with Unearth. Between Bad Moon and Death Baron, he can survive combat quite often. If he lives, he can be sacrificed with Thud, or sacrificed to Carrion Feeder.


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