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Bare Bone Werewolf

Modern RG (Gruul)


With spare cards i had from commander and some tickets i had on MTGO still i decided to drown myself in modern for the first time. I am fully aware this deck is rather horrific but i was just wondering if still by sticking to the theme, Can this deck become semi decent to play in a modern environment, I have a lot of fun with it and as my first even though rough deck, it means a lot to me.

Any help would be fantastic, Thank you very much! (P.S, The Sideboard is the worst section here simply due to me not knowing what cheapish "tech cards" there are, and i know modern isn't cheap but just curious on how far i can push this)


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Added the Young wolfs for more consistency early and the xenagos top curve to push through with some more guys


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This deck is Modern legal.

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