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Baral's Adaptable Spellbook

Standard Burn Control U/R (Izzet)



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Baral, Chief of Compliance is a pretty adaptable guy. He's great at casting all sorts of spells.

Some days, he's got a Fiery Temper. He'll take advantage of the local Incendiary Flow to melt away the competition. Sometimes he'll use a little Shock and awe, or maybe hack away at his opponents using his trusty Lightning Axe. Regardless, his goal is to remove anything threatening in his way.

Other days, Baral is a less likely to use the blunt forces of nature, choosing to rely on subtler spellcasting to accomplish his goals. He'll Disallow his opponents' plans, ensuring that they go Horribly Awry. He loves to make his enemies' Spell Shrivel to dust. Utilizing these various cantrips allows him to make the opposition re-question their methodology.

Regardless of how Baral chooses to defeat his enemies, he is always aided by his close friend, the mighty Thermo-Alchemist and his two favorite pets, the Thing in the Ice  Flip and the Bedlam Reveler. Sometimes, he even manages to convince Chandra, Torch of Defiance to join his little convocation. Together, they help him to Anticipate enemy moves, ensuring that his ultimate goal is always reached: To have his undead legion Rise from the Tides to destroy his opponent!


This is the deck in its raw form.

Get down a Thermo-Alchemist or Thing in the Ice  Flip as soon as possible to get the ball rolling. Use your burn spells to blow away enemy creatures or sneak in damage when possible. Don't forget to take advantage of Thermo-Alchemist's ability to untap after casting an instant or sorcery, as those 1 damage pings tend to add up over time. Hopefully, you've cast enough spells to have Thing in the Ice flip and he can finish off the opponent. You've always got Rise from the Tides to get some extra bodies on the board to swing in for lethal.
As always, Baral himself will help ALL your instants and sorceries cast smoother and easier, so if you can get one of him down, he's always helpful.
Bedlam Reveler is there to get some cards back into your hand and to help finish out the game if all else fails. Typically, you'll end up casting him for only .
The sideboard exists to swap out virtually all of the burn spells and move the deck into a straight up control deck. You'll typically want to pull out two Lightning Axe, three Shock, two Tormenting Voice, four Fiery Temper, one Thermo-Alchemist, and three Mountain. Swap in literally the ENTIRE sideboard.
This shifts the playstyle from a burn deck to a full-on counter and control deck. Typically, I would complete this swap after running into another control deck or even the "Copy Cat" decks floating around.
Of course, feel free to swap cards in and out as you see fit based on what you are playing against, but I typically find that going all-in one style or the other works best. Always remember your win-cons, regardless of playstyle: Thing in the Ice  Flip, flipping and beating face; Thermo-Alchemist pinging the opponent down over the course of a long game; Finally, Rise from the Tides to swing in with zombies for mass damage.
As always, Chandra, Torch of Defiance is an excellent toolbox planeswalker with an excellent ultimate ability. Use her wisely, but often!


So, after much playtesting, I will indeed be making some changes. Dynavolt Tower is too good not to include. Above, you will see other changes I've made, including Harnessed Lightning and Glimmer of Genius being added to the mainboard. In the sideboard, I've also swapped things around to deal with further threats that I've been previously unable to blast away. Let me know what you think of the changes!

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Geezamo says... #1

Like the new additions!

Where would you put the gearhulks if you had them?I have a set and I'm struggling to decide on what to take out

February 7, 2017 1:32 a.m.

kampfy_wampfy says... #2

My thoughts:

-1 Jori En, Ruin Diver
-1 Dynavolt Tower
-1 Harnessed Lightning

+3 Torrential Gearhulk

I don't know that it needs a full playset, but if I were to remove one more card, it'd probably be to lose one Hungry Flames, as it can potentially be circumstantial.

February 7, 2017 10:03 a.m.

kampfy_wampfy says... #3

Actually, on second thought, maybe you just pull out three Hungry Flames. Could be another way to go, considering the circumstantial use mentioned above.

February 7, 2017 10:13 a.m.

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