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Baralmancer Izzet Modern




Your maneuvers were impressive but your execution was lacking.

This deck was built around a draw-and-go control/burn theme. Most pieces are well under $5(some have spiked since I started this build). It is a really fun deck to throw down with. Typically, with some careful and mindful piloting, you can stall those turn-2 and turn-4 win decks long enough to grind out creative gameplay and hopefully learn some new things along the way. Eeking out wins at this level is a tough game but very doable.

As you can see card filtering and card draw are fairly key to this deck. This is mostly due to the budget nature of the deck and my attempts to keep up the speed and tempo of the meta while keeping within budget. As if sixteen cantrips weren't enough I still felt that I needed the utility of Baral and the "Loothouse".

This is breakdown for the mainboard and how I try to make it work for myself:
16 Cantrips to try and make the pacing of spells into a more continuous flow.
13 Counterspells/ chances to trip your filters through Baral, Chief of Compliance.
9 Pieces of removal.
6 Burn spells to bring some fear into the oppositions eyes.
5 Mana spikes to try and force your opponent to tap out.
4 Chances to flashback for some card advantage.
2 Guttersnipes to turn every action into a barb.
3 Young Pyromancers to turn every action into a creature.
2 Grim Lavamancers to turn your waste into action, whether it be for removal or burn.
1 Main-decked piece of serious land hate. Modern mana bases have become kinda crazy, huh? From Tron to Humans to U/W control, it seems like some response in the main deck has become necessary. Blue moon decks aren’t as crazy anymore as we once thought.

Hope you can make some suggestions and let me know what you think of my process! This is my first time posting a deck! Long live the Izzet League!!!


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