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Baral, the Insulting Thermo Archer

Standard* Burn Combo Control U/R (Izzet)




Here's the plan, first you don't take back the Insult, then someone gets Injured!


Getting Baral, Chief of Compliance on turn two is our first step, then tun 3-4 we want to be controlling the board, casting Anticipate effects, and casting Thermo-Alchemist effects, then on turns four, five, and six, we want the most explosive barrage of Burn imaginable, supplemented with Insulting our opponent, and having Thermo-Alchemist out, should do the trick in making sure insult leads to injury

This deck has the potential for a turn four kill:

T1: play a land, and leave up mana for Shock and such

T2: Play a land and a Thermo-Alchemist

T3: Play a land and a Baral, Chief of Compliance, and leave up mana to Negate their removal, or Abrade their Heart of Kiran, or shoot them with an Incendiary Flow, this should allow you to burn for at least 2 this turn.

T4: Play a land, you have dealt them four damage so far, and so now you tap Thermo-Alchemist for one more damage, then you cast an card:Insult/Injury untaping the Alchemist, dealing 2 more. now, you have dealt 7 damage, tap one for an Incendiary Flow, dealing 6 damage to face, plus 2 from alchemist, then do it again, and thats twenty three damage!

Who said stared wasn't a turn four format?

Hope you enjoy the deck, and if you do, please leave a comment and an upvote there are many cards I am thinking about running such as Glorious End, and if you think I should, please let me know! Also, I could use some help cutting cards, as there are just so many, and so comments concerning that particular topic would be particularly appreciated.


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