This is a potential Baral Deck. I built it because I wanted to make a control deck that counters and draws a lot of cards. My idea was to counter stuff/draw cards until (and after) I came across bombs or the pieces to pull off infinite combo shenanigans. Please, anyone, let me know modifications/improvements/suggestions; Or, convince me out of these choices all together. I would be greatly appreciative of advice from more experienced players. I'm aware that using Baral to counter multiple opponents is already a somewhat vexed strategy. I don't want to add incredibly expensive cards. I will probably try to modify this deck to reduce the cost as is, but would maybe be willing to add a couple slightly more pricey cards if anyone has good suggestions for that (I was thinking a sapphire medallion, but I'm not sure what else is out there).

More specific question: If I'm pushing towards infinite combos, do I need to lean into this strategy more? Perhaps by adding some artifact tutors to increase the likelihood that I can acquire the needed pieces? And/or by adding more cards that can exploit infinite mana?


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