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Bant Pod. Several styles of win condition. LD, Venser, Pod offers decently utility. :)



ChowsMTG says... #1

You might want too add a geist honored monk and a Mikaeus the lunarch since you deck relies heavily on pod sac's and this is a great way too overrun the opponent!

Hmm, this is almost the same as a traditional bant pod build. Of course, they are great, however, recent tournaments i have attended (currently playing solar flare, the decklist is in my deckkies), many of my opponents didn't heavily rely on the pod. I like the fiend hunters and other creatures for all kinds of situations, but i believe it is far more efficient having your deck run as aggro and have pod as a supplement :). You might want silverheart bond with blade splicer or restoration angel or maybe a strangle loot geist (i realize i'm speaking about r/g aggro), and i noticed that pro control creatures with hexproof are very difficult to handle.....Anyway, i found your deck randomly, i played bant last year :).....

August 7, 2012 10:50 p.m.

vila_a23 says... #2

Stingerfling Spider is so much better than Silklash Spider because while they may perform the same when poding into them, stingerfling is much better when you draw it because it effects the board state as soon as it enters the battlefield. Not to mention it goes alot better with Restoration Angel and venser. One last suggestion, in the meta right now, one of your biggest problems is going to be getting blown out by a mid to late game bonfire. Cards like Thragtusk help to cushion the blow of bonfire in naya matchups as well as being a big pain in the ass for just about every control deck out there. Oh, and did I mention he makes zombies look like garbage? My point is you should consider finding space for another thragtusk, maybe take out sublime archangel because lets face it, when are you ever going to want to pod off of angel for a much crappier 5 drop?

August 8, 2012 11:11 a.m.

Demarge says... #3

have you tested Sublime Archangel over Hero of Bladehold ? is there a great difference in the damage between the two if you did? Have you ran into any problems being top heavy on your curve? Do you have a sideboard? Have you recently played this deck in a tournament? did you make a list thinking "whatever the BANT I want!!!"? And I would playtest this deck myself right now... but I'm tired and find piloting pod decks others built to be somewhat difficult.

August 8, 2012 noon

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