This deck works great only trouble I really face is Vexing Devil aggro(pretty much anything with vexing devil).

Overall a fun deck


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#3 in tournament @ Sun City Games — Dec. 8, 2012

Round 1: R/B zombies 0-2 couldn't keep up, this is a very difficult deck to deal with if you don't get off to a good start.

Round 2: R/B/U Bolas 2-0 I ramped, thragtusk, sphinx's and called it a match.

Round 3: B/G Rats 2-0 really didn't have a chance the rats were easy to take care of and I was able to draw and win.

Round 4: Naya midrange 2-0 I thought I was going down but I was able to get the drams and board wipe/sphere his big guns and gain enough life for him to overcome .

Top 4 decided to split so I got 3rd and ended up with 10 packs!

#2 in tournament @ Sun City Games — Nov. 24, 2012


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