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Looking to create a bunch of tokens and beat the opponent to death with them. Various instants and Detention Sphere to disrupt what the opponent is doing.

Analysis of various cards:

Azorius Charm: slows down aggro significantly, cycles in the first game if it isn't needed

Detention Sphere: nice to have some kind of "out" against planeswalkers or swarms of the same creature

Garruk: card draw, beast production, threat that must be dealt with

GoST: great at punishing slow deck for being slow, improves the Hexproof matchup (at least until legendary rule changes)

Loxodon Smiter: slows down aggro, uncounterable against control, does good work overall

Resto & Thragtusk: pretty obvious combination to have in any midrange GW deck

Rootborn Defenses: cancels out a Verdict, great combat trick for putting a surprise token in front of an attacker, gets GoST through safely and creates a permanent Angel at the same time.

Selesnya Charm: great at removing giant creatures.

Simic Charm: gives you outs against Acidic Slime bombardment, beefs up creatures for a sudden attack, pretty much the only way in this deck to even delay a Blood Baron

Simic Manipulator: surprisingly good at taking out mana dorks, Blood Artists, etc. Probably wouldn't want too many, but a Resto bounce of something else on the field followed by a manipulation can stop attacks, remove defenders, or steal mana dorks.

Unflinching Courage: can either slow down the beatdown from RDW or just race them with this card. Does leave you vulnerable to a 2-for-1 though

Voice: leaves tokens behind when it dies and shuts down control/tempo

Sideboard choices:

Progenitor Mimic: a pretty good sideboard hoser for Reanimator. Mimicing Angel of Serenity or Acidic Slime is usually GG

Ray of Revelation: gives this deck a fighting chance against hexproof, can also stop other decks that run enchantments

RIP: stops Aristocrats and Reanimator

Supreme Verdict: extra ways to win against aggro or hexproof

Triumph of Ferocity: further punish slow decks, especially control

Trostani: she never quite seems to live long enough to actually populate, which is why she isn't main deck or more than one



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Date added 4 years
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This deck is Standard legal.

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Tokens 5/5 Wurm, 3/3 Beast, 2/2 Knight, 1/1 Elemental, 4/4 Angel
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