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I had a lot of good G, U, and W cards and decided to use them. I ordered a few more supplementary cards and then constructed this deck.

The Noble Hierarchs are probably the most important cards in the deck. These guys just make Bant so powerful and they are a great one drop and help mana fixing. I can get a Jenara out on turn 2 and possibly be swinging on turn 3 with a 6/6. Later on, I can use the Swords of Feast and Famine to disrupt my opponent's hand and help put me ahead. The Knights help with mana. The great thing about the deck is that I can have any of the creatures be the attacker due to the Exalted mechanic. Ultimately, Thrun will be the largest threat to my opponent because of its evasiveness. I chose Feast and Famine over War and Peace, which makes the deck more susceptible to aggro and more powerful against control. I am not sure if I made the right decision. The Saffi Eriksdotters are used to save certain creatures from spot removal and board sweepers. In hindsight, a 2-2 split with Spellskites might have been a better decision, but the Spellskites do not protect against board sweepers. Qasali Pridemages are there for artifact and enchantment hate and give an extra Exalted bonus. Sigarda helps disrupt certain abilities and can act as a powerful flyer, so I figured it would be a good one-of, and almost added another one to the sideboard, but was overall unsure of how potent sacrificial play is in modern.

I happen to own a Sphinx's Revelation, and it works great in the deck because I don't really have much card generating ability in the deck. I couldn't really afford to get more of them though, but they would be a great addition. I thought a 2-2 split with Mana Leaks and Syncopates would be best and then have extras in the sideboard.

In the sideboard, Meddling Mages seem to be a good way to defend against combos in the format, and can even work out against other decks. Stoic Angels are for extra defense against aggro decks, and the Witchbane Orbs are in the sideboard because I couldn't afford the Leyline of Sanctities at the time. I am unsure of whether or not Intrepid Heroes are a good sideboard card to switch around with the Giltspire Avengers. On one hand, I can snipe anything that gets big, but on the other, I wouldn't be able to fight off weenies. The Giltspire Avengers can fight small creatures, but you have to take damage from them first, which can be risky against aggro decks due to the limited lifegain in my deck. All I have is one Sphinx Revelation.

I am looking for feedback on how I can make this a competitive deck in modern. I need it to be able to survive against all the current power decks in the metagame.


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